Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (2023)

Sedona, Arizona is quickly becoming the Napa Valley of wine and vineyards. With newly planted vines in what was once a barren desert region, Sedona’s agricultural industry has seen exponential growth over just 50 years.

The high altitude yields perfectly ripe grapes with rich flavors perfect for syrahs, merlots, and even chardonnays – all popular varieties here because they can grow at this elevation so well.

Wine tastings are commonplace as people come from across the country to experience these new-world wines that have been taking Napa by storm.

Keep reading if you’re looking for some wineries not to miss on your visit while staying nearby.

Best Time To Visit The Wineries In Sedona

Sedona is famous for its picturesque red rock formations and scenic views. The best time to visit Sedona is between the months of March through May.

It is generally not too hot, but still warm enough that you can enjoy all the beautiful desert flowers in full bloom!

Hikers love this season as well because these colorful trails offer stunning photo ops perfect for any hiker’s Instagram feed.

Is Sedona A Wine Country?

Sedona is a tourist destination for wine lovers. Tucked away in the Arizona mountains, Sedona’s vineyards offer visitors an opportunity to taste some of America’s best wines right here where they’re made.

Are Sedona Wines Good?

Located in the Verde Valley, Sedona is a city famous for its red rock formations and spiritual vortexes.

Aside from these incredible sights, there’s also plenty of wine to discover and the bottles here tend to be particularly tasty. Explore some local vineyards along with countless others just outside this breathtaking destination.

What Types Of Wine Is Sedona Known For?

Touring wineries is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Sedona, but it’s quickly gaining a reputation as one of Arizona’s most popular wine destinations.

The area has had time for its vines and soil to develop into prime conditions for growing grapes like Cabernet, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Syrah.

The climate and soil in Sedona also offer the chance of cultivating good and rich grapes.

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House Mountain is rich in a variety of soil types. There are soils formed from red sandstone and limestone but there’s also basalt rock that gives way to different native soils.

Top Sedona Wineries

Sedona Best Wineries Map:

Winemaking is a popular thing in Arizona. It was started by Franciscan missionaries and people who had vineyards.

One of the earliest settlers in Sedona got the grape rolling here. What is so great about Sedona wineries is that they mostly are small production facilities.

They are passionate about their wines and every bottle is cared for with care. Local wines can be found at stores or restaurants throughout this area, too.

Arizona Stronghold Vineyards Tasting Room

Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (1)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (2)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (3)

Arizona Stronghold Vineyards is popular in Sedona for offering some of the best wines in the area as well as great customer service.

First of all, the hosts guide you around the winery through a flight of five fierce Arizona wines accompanied by yummy, reasonably priced small bites. Pairing your wine with their delicacy will definitely take the experience to the next level.

Secondly, the employees here are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. They have an amazing selection of wine, all at bargain prices.

Their most prestigious wines are their 19 Dala Chardonnay, 17 Dala Cabernet Sauvignon, 18 Dala Merlot, and their unmissable 14 Bonita Springs Cabernet Port.

Their wine tasting flights will set you back $10 for 5 wines which is very affordable, given the premium quality. Their tasting room is open from Sunday to Thursday from 12 to 7 PM and Friday and Saturday from 12 to 9 PM. In addition, you’ll have the chance to pair them with tapas for only $10 for 3 tapas.

While they do not offer common events such as weddings or festivals, they organize a very unique celebration every year – an exclusive palate training aboard the Verde Canyon Railroad.

Enjoy first-class train tickets, wine, and light snacks on our own private indoor/outdoor car. Tickets start at $175 for members of the club who receive discounted pricing based on their membership level.

Guests are tasked with arriving at Clarkdale’s Depot by 4:30 PM where they can enjoy a relaxed evening until 9:00 PM before making their way back home.

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Javelina Leap Winery

Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (4)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (5)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (6)

Javelina Leap Winery in the Verde Valley, Arizona is a family-operated business with award-winning wines dedicated to making their customers happy.

Not only can you find Javelina Leap wine at your local store but you will be able to visit them for tours and tastings.

For $18, you will be able to enjoy 5 wines of your choice out of their selection from their delicious Riesling, local and unique Tempranillo, and earthy Syrah. While it is certainly more pricey than most other wineries, you’ll have the option to drink the wines you personally choose.

You can pair your wine with their homemade specialty truffles for $3 or even the organic cheese for $3.

If wine isn’t really your thing then they offer other great delicacies such as their plateau of charcuterie for $14 or flatbread pizzas for $13.

Apart from that, they are able to organize private events such as ceremonies (weddings, parties, and more) at Mesquite Park.

They also rent out their restaurants and even the whole property to accommodate any party for a maximum of 80 people.

Needless to say, Javelina Leap Winery is one of the best wineries in Sedona and you should certainly stop by for a few memorable moments.

Caduceus Cellars

Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (7)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (8)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (9)

Caduceus Cellars is a small winery and they don’t have enough wine to sell in other countries. Also, only some of our wines are available for sale in other states.

For this reason, and because you purely can’t leave Sedona without tasting their wines, you should stop for an hour or so and enjoy the most sophisticated bottles.

Their best wines are their 2020 Shinola Orancia and Dos Ladrones made of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Malvasia Bianca.

They offer some incredibly unique blends that you won’t be able to find anywhere else such as:

  • 2017 Primer Paso – Blend of 80% Syrah, 10% Garnacha, 5% Malvasia, and 5% Durif
  • 2018 Anubis – Blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Durif, 20% Cabernet Franc, and 10% Aglianico

Their tasting room is open every day all year long from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The staff will pour you 4 wines for $14 while telling you everything about their bottles and blends.

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As mentioned previously, it is a small winery and they currently offer no events apart from their wine tasting sessions which will make you want to come back as soon as possible.

Page Spring Cellars

Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (10)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (11)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (12)

Page Spring Cellars is another one of the top Sedona wineries that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

They offer bottles that you won’t be able to find in any other state and that are unique to Arizona. Out of all their wines, we highly recommend giving a go to their 2019, Colibri Mourvèdre, Dos Padres Vermentino, and, above all, the 2018 House Mountain Pinot Noir.

Simply choose a flight of wine, sit back and let their expert pour. At Page Spring Cellars, a 5-taste flight is $12 plus you get to take home an awesome souvenir glass.

If you’re really up for something special, you will find their Reserve Flight sessions that include five specially selected limited edition wines.

They are open 365 days per year and offer their flights from Friday to Saturday. You’ll be able to join on Fridays and Sundays from 11 AM to 7 PM and on Saturdays from 11 AM to 9 PM.

Other than that, they organize live music shows and have an art gallery open to visitors. Unfortunately, both are now currently suspended due to the COVID regulations.

To sum up, Page Spring Cellars is one of the best wineries around Sedona that you must include in your itinerary.

Alcantara Vineyards & Winery

Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (13)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (14)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (15)

Alcantara Vineyards is a small, picturesque vineyard located in the heart of Arizona.

They offer an enjoyable day trip with many activities to enjoy including wines made from grapes grown and picked by hand all within their own family-owned property. This process has been passed down through generations for over 150 years.

The location has stunning scenery that will surely remind you of Tuscany and friendly staff who are knowledgeable about the wine-making process. This includes old-fashioned ways such as cultivating by hand or using specialized tools instead of tractors to pick grapes.

The regular wine tasting session will cost you $15 per person and includes 5 samples of your choice and each one of them is 1 Oz.

If you prefer a more exclusive experience, you can enjoy their V.I.P sessions for $20 which provides you the same selection of wines and size. However, in addition, you will receive a crystal glass with Alcantara Vineyards’ logo etched on it.

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The winery also offers complimentary tours that show you the vineyard and tell you everything about trellising, irrigation, and grape-growing philosophy. The tour lasts for 1-1.5 hours, but this depends on how many people are there. These free tours take place every Friday and Saturday at 11.30 AM.

If one of your friends or group members isn’t a fan of wine, worry not. In fact, here at the winery, the kitchen prepares unique delicacies from cheese plates to hummus plates and more.

If you’re coming to the heart of Arizona’s wine country for your special occasion, you will be able to organize your wedding here.

Lastly, you will have the opportunity to treat yourself to a massage session with a wine and a cheese plater to indulge into. The cost of a massage at Alcantara Vineyards is $200 for 75 minutes and $225 for 90 minutes per person.

Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room & Osteria

Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (16)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (17)
Sedona Wine Tasting 2022: 6 Best Wineries to Visit (18)

Situated only 20 miles away from Sedona, Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room & Osteria is the perfect place for wine lovers to get a taste of great varieties.

Merkin Tasting Room & Osteria is a high-class, delicious, and original restaurant like you won’t find many around Sedona.

Apart from the food, you’ll have the chance to taste some of the best wines in Sedona county. You will be poured 3 white or rosé wines for $6 or 3 red wines for $10.

If you prefer to get a full glass, their wines’ prices vary from $2 for a small serving to $23 for a large one.

The best bottles you can find here are:

  • Jane Pink – 100% Monestrell Rosé
  • Shinola Orancia – 100% Malvasia Bianca
  • Caduceus Nagual Del Marzo – 50% Sangiovese and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon

To sum up, Merkin Vineyards is one of the best wineries for wine tasting around Sedona.


The Sedona region is home to some of the most beautifully scenic vineyards in the country. With so many wineries and tasting rooms, it can be hard to know which one is worth your time.

This was the list of our favorites for you to explore on wine day if you’re an expert or just entered this world.

To conclude, you will certainly not be disappointed visiting these Sedona wineries and should therefore take the opportunity to enjoy the experience.



What wine is Sedona known for? ›

Though touring wineries may not be high on your list of Sedona things to do, but the area is quickly gaining prominence as a producer of warm weather grape favorites like Syrah, Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet.

Do you tip at Castello di Amorosa? ›

In either case, you are not required to tip because the tasting room associate will receive a commission. However, if you visit a winery and do not buy wine – whether or not you pay a tasting fee – you are expected and encouraged to tip the tasting room associate.

Are wine tastings worth it? ›

Wine tastings are a great way to unwind and have a great time. It provides a great social atmosphere. Everyone has a glass in hand; ready to try different wines together. You can rock up solo or go in a group, it's easy to sit back and relax.

Is the Scottsdale wine trail walkable? ›

All tours are between 1 and 1.5 miles of walking, spread out over 4-5 restaurant stops.

How far are wineries from Sedona? ›

The majority of the wineries in Sedona are located near each other on a loose path around Cottonwood which is just 19 miles (a short 20-minute drive) from Sedona, making it easy to plan out a day or multi-day wine tour. What is this?

What is Sedona Vortex? ›

What is a vortex? Sedona vortexes (the proper grammatical form 'vortices' is rarely used) are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. These are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy.

What do you not say at a wine tasting? ›

Don't say: "The wine is heavy bodied with an aftertaste and it sticks to my teeth." So there you have it! Take a look, take a smell, take a taste and repeat as many times with as many wines as you (responsibly) can.

How much does it cost to visit Castello di Amorosa? ›

Cost: General Admission: $30 - includes wine tasting & access to select areas of the castle. No reservations required for groups up to 14 people. Please note that when the Castello gets busy, priority access is given to wine club members and tour members before allowing general admission guests access.

Do you tip after wine tasting? ›

Even though it's not typically expected, at most wineries and tasting rooms, tips are always appreciated. Especially if you've had a great experience, tasted more wines than you expected to, or are with a large group, tipping your pourer is typically considered a lovely gesture.

How much should you tip at a wine tasting? ›

If a tasting room host has been especially educational or helpful, please consider leaving them a tip. If you've had a great time, it's customary to leave $5 per person. If you don't purchase anything or if you've received a coupon or discount for the tasting, then it's polite to leave $10 per person.

What should I eat before wine tasting? ›

Before you return to tasting, eat something neutral, like plain crackers or water biscuits.

How much wine do you drink at a wine tasting? ›

Two ounces is a good rule of thumb for a single tasting. A bottle of wine is typically about 24 ounces, so you can expect about 12 tastings per bottle. Know how many people are coming and plan accordingly.

How many wineries are in Verde Valley? ›

The Verde Valley, which sits around the intersection of Oak Creek and the Verde River, is home to 19 commercial vineyards and 25 tasting rooms, according to the Verde Valley Wine Trail.

How is the drive from Phoenix to Sedona? ›

The Phoenix to Sedona drive is incredibly scenic, with a lot of great places to stop and explore on the way there. From ancient archeological sites to wildlife to spiritual sites, there is something for everyone on the road to Sedona. Sedona is one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Arizona.

Is Phoenix close to Sedona? ›

Getting there: Located a short 115 miles from Phoenix, the drive to Sedona is simple and will take just under 2 hours.

What happens if you are in a vortex? ›

Keep breathing and notice any differences in how you feel – you may feel more relaxed, your body may start to tingle, you may feel your heart open, you may feel an old injury ache, as the energy moves through that area of your body for healing.

What are the 7 vortexes in Sedona? ›

Sedona's Seven Vortexes
  • Cathedral Rock Sedona Vortex. ...
  • Airport Mesa Sedona Vortex. ...
  • Bell Rock Sedona Vortex. ...
  • Boynton Canyon-Kachina Sedona Vortex. ...
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona Vortex. ...
  • Schnebly Hill Road Sedona Vortex. ...
  • Courthouse Butte Sedona Vortex.
15 Aug 2022

What is the easiest vortex to get to in Sedona? ›

Sedona Vortex Hike #1 – Airport Mesa Vortex Site

There are a few different trails at Airport Mesa. This is the easiest vortex site to reach because you park your car and walk 500 feet. We went around a small portion of the 3.2 mile Airport Loop Trail.

How do you not embarrass at a wine tasting? ›

Act Like You're Interested, Even If You're Not

There's always one person in the tasting group who is along for the ride just to drink and catch up with a friend and is wholly uninterested in the actual tasting experience or learning anything about the wine at hand.

How do I impress a wine tasting? ›

How to impress your friends in the tasting room
  1. See: Look at the wine, tilt your glass and notice the color, clarity, viscosity…etc.
  2. Swirl: Move your glass in a circular motion to allow some oxygen to mix with the wine.
  3. Sniff: Smell the wine. ...
  4. Sip: Take a small sip.
28 Sept 2012

How long is Castello di Amorosa tour? ›

Approximately 2 hours in length. Reservations are required.

Can I take pictures at Castello di Amorosa? ›

Q: I want to do a photo shoot at the Castello. Can I come in with my equipment under a General Admission or Guided Tour ticket? A: While we encourage guests to take plenty of photos during their visits, we do not allow any additional photography equipment (tripods, lights, etc.) inside the grounds.

Can you visit wineries without tasting? ›

Many of the wineries have interesting tours (you have to pay) and they usually have wine tasting at the end of the tour. You are certainly no obligated to participate in the wine tasting.

What do you wear to a winery wine tasting? ›

Women will likely want to wear a dress or dress slacks with heels or nice flats, while men can opt for slacks and a jacket or sport coat (without a tie). Think sophisticated and elegant, not urban or flashy, and you'll be fine.

Should I eat before wine tasting? ›

Though you might be tempted to have a full meal before your wine tasting to prevent getting buzzed too fast, many sommeliers say that food can actually affect the taste of the wine. In fact, some sommeliers recommend not eating for at least an hour prior to a tasting in order to properly clear your palate.

How do you sip a wine? ›

The basic technique for sipping wine involves letting the wine sit in your mouth for a moment. If you choose, you can also swish the wine around in your mouth. This is done to ensure that all of your taste buds, and not just the ones located on the center of your tongue, are able to taste the wine.

Do you tip on bottles of wine to go? ›

In every single instance, my answer is the same: If you can afford to order a bottle of wine when you're out, you can afford to tip 20 percent on the bottle, just as you do the food.

Do you tip sommeliers? ›

"If it's just basic service, with the sommelier opening the wine and pouring it into standard glasses, a 15 to 20 percent tip (on the fee) is appropriate.

What do you tip at a winery? ›

RECOMMENDED TIP: $10 to $15 per couple. TABLE SIDE TASTINGS: Many wineries have moved to a seated tasting where you sit down and they bring you wine. Most wineries have moved to this model due to the virus. RECOMMENDED TIP: $10 to $20 per couple.

What should you not do before wine tasting? ›

  • Avoid becoming belligerent. ...
  • Do not wear any strong perfume/cologne or have gum, breath mints, or coffee while tasting wine as it will alter the flavour of the wine.
  • Do not hold the bowl of the glass. ...
  • Do not ask for a second tasting of a certain wine unless you are planning to purchase it.
14 Jul 2020

What goes with wine after dinner? ›

  • 1 Chocolate. Share. Chocolate is one of the sweetest snacks to serve with wine! ...
  • 2 Berries. Share. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are all amazing with wine. ...
  • 3 Italian Fare. Share. ...
  • 4 Cheese. Share. ...
  • 5 Hummus. Share. ...
  • 6 Cashews or Pistachios. Share. ...
  • 7 Wasabi Peas. Share. ...
  • 8 Grapes. Share.

Can you get drunk at a wine tasting? ›

Don't get too drunk at a wine tasting event. It's fine to get a little tipsy and have a good time, but you don't want to get unruly and ruin the experience for others. Moreover, you'll miss out on the experience of being able to objectively taste all those great wines.

How long should you spend at a winery? ›

While it depends on the winery, you can expect a tasting to last about 30-45 minutes. This means that you can easily make a day of it and visit 3-4 wineries to enjoy the different experiences and flavors at each location.

Can two people share a wine tasting? ›

Tip #4: Consider sharing

While it might feel weird to request a single glass for you and a friend, it's completely appropriate to share tastings. Just know that the standard tasting room pour is one ounce. The average tasting is 5 – 6 wines or roughly 1 wine glass per visit.

Is there wine in Sedona? ›

One of the beauties of the Sedona wineries, is they're all small production facilities. So what you experience are the passions of the winemakers. Every bottle has been doted over. Local wines can be found in stores and on the menus of restaurants throughout the area.

How many wineries are in Verde Valley? ›

The Verde Valley, which sits around the intersection of Oak Creek and the Verde River, is home to 19 commercial vineyards and 25 tasting rooms, according to the Verde Valley Wine Trail.

How is the drive from Phoenix to Sedona? ›

The Phoenix to Sedona drive is incredibly scenic, with a lot of great places to stop and explore on the way there. From ancient archeological sites to wildlife to spiritual sites, there is something for everyone on the road to Sedona. Sedona is one of the most gorgeous places to visit in Arizona.

Does Arizona have wineries? ›

However, Arizona wine makers such as Arizona Stronghold and Pillsbury Wine Company have been making strides in getting Arizona wines on the map. In fact, today there are a dozen vineyards and more than 60 wineries located throughout the state.

Is Sedona known for wineries? ›

While it might not be known as a wine destination, Sedona and northern Arizona can certainly hold its own when it comes to great local wine. On your next visit to Sedona with your loved ones (or wine-loving friends) check out some of our top picks of great local wineries near Sedona.

Is Phoenix close to Sedona? ›

Getting there: Located a short 115 miles from Phoenix, the drive to Sedona is simple and will take just under 2 hours.

How big is Sedona Arizona? ›

Does Arizona have good wine? ›

Willcox and Sonoita are the most prolific Arizona wine regions, with their vast valley farmlands producing nearly three quarters of the state's grapes to produce award-winning Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Merlot varietals.

Where is Maynards Vineyard? ›

Caduceus Cellars is a winery in Jerome, Arizona, United States. It is owned by Maynard James Keenan, who is best known as the vocalist for Grammy Award-winning progressive metal band Tool.

How old is Cottonwood Arizona? ›

The City of Cottonwood incorporated in 1960. During this period area roads were improved, particularly the Highway 89A "Bypass" and SR 260 to serve the needs of the Phoenix Cement Plant located in Clarkdale.

How do I spend a day in Sedona? ›

Sedona Highlights: 1 Day Itinerary
  1. Arrive Sedona via SR179.
  2. Red Rock Ranger Station and Visitor Center. (8375 SR 179, Sedona, AZ 86351) ...
  3. Bell Rock Vista & Pathway. ...
  8. Lunch at one of Sedona's group-friendly restaurants.

Which airport do you fly into for Sedona AZ? ›

What airports are near Sedona? The closest airport is Flagstaff Pulliam (FLG) (19.22 mi). Other nearby airports are Prescott (PRC) (40.17 mi), Grand Canyon Village National Park (GCN) (77.83 mi) or Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (PHX) (99.95 mi). KAYAK recommends you fly to Flagstaff Pulliam.

How many days do you need in Sedona? ›

I recommend spending at least three days in Sedona. Each additional day you add on gives you more time for hiking and other unique experiences in Sedona. Driving the 4WD roads adds another level of adventure to your visit to Sedona.

Can you grow wine grapes in Arizona? ›

Regardless, wine grapes are growing all over. The three major growing regions include southern Arizona in the Sonoita/Elgin area, the Willcox area in Cochise County and the Verde Valley in Yavapai County. The elevation in these vineyard regions range from 3,800 feet to almost 6,000 feet.


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