One Piece Sagas, Arcs, and Fillers List; Here's how to watch the anime episodes in order (2023)

Created by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece's plotfollows the adventures ofMonkey D. Luffy, a boy who gains the properties of rubber after unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit. With his pirate crew, theStraw Hat Pirates, Luffy explores the Grand Line in search of the world's ultimate treasure known as the "One Piece" to become the next King of the Pirates. One Piece is divided into several sagas and arcs that illustrate the exploits of Monkey D Luffy. Hence, here's a full guide on how to watch the anime in order with and without fillers. In addition to this, all the sagas and arcs of One Piece are explained here.

East Blue Saga

The East Blue Saga is the introductory part of One Piece where the main protagonist Monkey D Luffy meets one of the pirates Younkou, Shanks. It incites his burning passion for becoming the 'King of the Pirates'. The East Blue Saga also narratesthe execution of Gol D Roger (previous King of the Pirates) and the reveal of 'One Piece' the greatest treasure ever. During this part, Luffy as the captain of 'Straw Hat Pirates' recruits Zoro, Nami, Usopp and Sanji into his crew.

Romance Dawn Arc

  • Chapters 1-7 (Volume 1)
  • Episodes 1-3

Orange Town Arc

  • Chapters 8-21 (Volumes 1-3)
  • Episodes 4-8

Syrup Village Arc

  • Chapters 22-41 (Volumes 3-5)
  • Episodes 9-18

Baratie Arc

  • Chapters 42-68 (Volumes 5-8)
  • Episodes 19-30

Arlong Park Arc

  • Chapters 69-95 (Volumes 8-11)
  • Episodes 31-44

Loguetown Arc

  • Chapters 96-100 (Volumes 11-12)
  • Episodes 45, 48-53

Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles Special

  • Covers Chapters 35-75 (Volumes 4-7)
  • Episodes 46-47

Warship Island Arc (Filler)

  • Episodes 54-61

Alabasta Saga

The Alabasta Saga chronicles Straw Hat Pirates' encounter with the royal Princes Nefertari Vivi. The crew helps Vivi to reach her homeland Alabasta to stop a heinous war in the kingdom. While doing so, their path crosses with a dangerous criminal organisation namely Baroque Works. Luffy meets his older brother Portgas D Ace as the two join hands to save Alabasta from the clenches of Crocodile (One of the seven warlords of the sea). He also recruits Chopper (a reindeer cum doctor) for his team.

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Reverse Mountain Arc

  • Chapters 101-105 (Volume 12)
  • Episodes 62-63

Whisky Peak Arc

  • Chapters 106-114 (Volumes 12-13)
  • Episodes 64-67

Diary of Koby-Meppo Special

  • Covers Chapters 89-119 (Volumes 10-14)
  • Episodes 68-69

Little Garden Arc

  • Chapters 115-129 (Volumes 13-15)
  • Episodes 70-77

Drum Island Arc

  • Chapters 130-154 (Volumes 15-17)
  • Episodes 78-91

Alabasta Arc

  • Chapters 155-217 (Volumes 17-24)
  • Episodes 92 -130

Post-Alabasta Arc (Filler)

  • Episodes 131-135

Sky Island Saga

After the Post Alabasta Arc, Monkey D Luffy gains another member, Nico Robin. The crew sets out on a journey to a mysterious island situated above the clouds only to be pulled into a massive war. The Straw Hats also defeat the false god 'Enel' as they free the citizens ofSkypiea.

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Goat Island Arc (Filler)

  • Episodes 136-138

Ruluka Island Arc (Filler)

  • Episodes 139-143

Jaya Arc

  • Chapters 218-236 (Volumes 24-25)
  • Episodes 144-152

Skypiea Arc

  • Chapters 237-302 (Volumes 26-32)
  • Episodes 153-195

G-8 Arc (Filler)

  • Episodes 196-206

Water 7 Saga

After dropping from Sky Island, Luffy and his crew land on the territory of the World Government. Narrowly escaping Aokiji, the Straw Hats then reach Water 7, a place known for carpenters. Therethey hunt for a shipwright to join their crew as the condition of 'Going Merry' (their ship) deteriorates. Nico Robin from their crew is also kidnapped by CP9 in this part. Monkey D Luffy welcomes another crewmember Franky who builds a whole new ship namely 'ThousandSunny' for their group as they embark on the mission to rescue Robin from Enies Lobby.

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Long Ring Long Land Arc

  • Chapters 303-321 (Volumes 32-34)
  • Episodes 207-219)

Ocean’s Dream Arc (Filler)

  • Episodes 220-224

Foxy’s Return Arc (Filler)

  • Episodes 225-228

Water 7 Arc

  • Chapters 322-374 (Volumes 34-39)
  • Episodes 229-263

Enies Lobby Arc

  • Chapters 375-430 (Volumes 39-44)
  • Episodes 264-290, 293-302, 304-312

Boss Luffy Historical Special

  • Episodes 291-292, 303, 406-407

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

  • Chapters 431-441 (Volumes 45-46)
  • Episodes 313-325

Thriller Bark Saga

In the Thriller Bark Saga, Luffy and his crew reach a ghost Island, where they are pitted against ShichibukaiGecko Moria. Taking help from a skeleton man, Brook, the Straw Hats defeat another Warlord of the sea. The past story of the whale Laboon is also unveiled with Brook becoming another member of Luffy's crew.

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Ice Hunter Arc (filler)

  • Episodes 326-335

Chopper Man Special

  • Episode 336

Thriller Bark Arc

  • Chapters 442-489 (Volumes 46-50)
  • Episodes 337-381

Spa Island Arc (filler)

  • Episodes 382-384

Summit War Saga

Summit War saga also known as the Paramount War sees the Straw Hat crew's separation due toShichibukaiBartholomew Kuma. Amid this Luffy's brother Ace gets captured by the World Government. Luffy befriends ShichibukaiBoa Hancockto reach the Marinefold (Ace's execution place) alone. After facing several tough Marine captains, Luffy allies with the White Beard Pirates to rescue Ace. In the process, he gains loyal friends namely Jinbei andEmporio Ivankov. When Luffy successfully frees Ace and it set to flee, in an unfortunateturn of events, his older brother is killed byAdmiral Akainu. Shocked by his brother's demise, Luffy turns cold on the battlefield when he is rescued safely by his allies. During the Paramount war, Younkou White Beard is also killed by Marshall D Teach. Depressed Luffy's path then crosses with SilverRayleigh, a former member of Gol D Roger's crew. He then trains Luffy to become stronger, while all his crew members also receive his secret message of being reunited at theSabaody Archipelago after two years.

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Sabaody Archipelago Arc

  • Chapters 490-513 (Volumes 50-53)
  • Episodes 385-405

Amazon Lily Arc

  • Chapters 514-524 (Volumes 53-54)
  • Episodes 408-417

Straw Hat’s Separation Serial

  • Covers Chapters 543-560 (Volumes 56-57)
  • 418-421, 453-456

Impel Down Arc

  • Chapters 525-549 (Volumes 54-56)
  • Episodes 422-425, 430-452

Little East Blue Arc (Filler)

  • Episodes 426-429

Marineford Arc

  • Chapters 550-580 (Volumes 56-59)
  • Episodes 457-489

Post-War Arc

  • Chapters 581-597 (Volumes 59-61)
  • Episodes 490-491, 493-516

Toriko Crossover Special Episode

  • Episode 492

Fish-Man Island Saga

Two years after the events of the Paramount war, Luffy meets his crew to travel to the Fish-Man Island as they enter the New World.Here, he befriends the king of the territory, thereby picking up a fight with Yonkou, Big Mom.

Return to Sabaody Arc

  • Chapters 598-602 (Volume 61)
  • Episodes 517-522

Fish-Man Island Arc

  • Chapters 603-653 (Volumes 61-66)
  • Episodes 523-541, 543-574

Toriko Crossover

  • Episode 542

Dressrosa Saga

After entering the New World, the crew reaches yet again at a mysterious island namely Punk Hazard. There they unveil that the famous Dr Vegapunk laboratory is being misused byCaesar Clown to make illegal experiments on children and also developing man-made devil fruits. Luffy makes an alliance with Trafalgar Law to challenge Younkou Kaido, but before that, they also defeatShichibukaiDonquixote Doflamingo from Dressrosa who is the mastermind of Punk Hazard.

Z’s Ambition Arc (filler)

  • Episodes 575-578

Punk Hazard Arc

  • Chapters 654-699 (Volumes 66-70)
  • Episodes 779-589, 591-625

Toriko & Dragon Ball Crossover Special

  • Episode 591

Caesar Retrieval Arc (filler)

  • Episodes 626-628

Dressrosa Arc

  • Chapters 700-801 (Volumes 70-80)
  • Episodes 629-746

Four Emperors Saga

The Four Emperor saga is still ongoing with the Wano arc of the anime show. It sees Sanji's kidnapping by Younkou, Big Mom after they reach the animal kingdom Zou. Half of the crew goes to the Whole Cake Island (Big Mom's territory) to rescue Sanji. Meanwhile, the other half reaches Wano by disguising themselves as Samurai. Luffy angers Big Mom after spoiling her tea party and moves towards the Wano kingdom. There they plan the Onigashima raid to take revenge on Kaido. At the same time, Big Mom allies with Kaido to assassinate Luffy.

Silver Mine Arc (filler)

  • Episodes 747-750

Zou Arc

  • Chapters 802-824 (Volumes 80-82)
  • Episodes 751-779

Marine Rookie Arc (filler)

  • Episodes 780-782

Whole Cake Island Arc

  • Chapters 825-902 (Volumes 82-90)
  • Episodes 783-877

Levely Arc

  • Chapters 903-908 (Volume 90)
  • Episodes 878-889

Wano Country Arc

  • Chapters 909 -TBA (Volumes 90- Continuing)
  • Episodes 890-894, 897-906, 908- Continuing

Cidre Guild Arc (filler)

  • Episodes 895-896

Anime 20th Anniversary special

  • Episode 907

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