15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (2022)

Get ready to get wet and make some splashtastic memories. Virginia is home to amazing water parks that are sure to leave you feeling cooled and refreshed. Heart pounding slides and wild rides as well as lazy rivers, wave pools, kiddie areas, and splash pads await.

Grab your bathing suit and get ready to cool down in style!

1. Great Waves Waterpark, Alexandria

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (1)Source: novaparks

From the most avid thrill seeker to the youngest tot, Great Waves has something for everyone. Heart pounding, hair raising slides and rides are sure to get your adrenaline flowing. Splash pads, wading pool, and kid’s activity center are sure to delight smaller water lovers.

Hit the waves of the seventeen thousand, five hundred square foot wave pool, or relax in the shaded areas. The park comes complete with concession and also offer the Dog Days where you can bring your dog to experience the water. Check the website for scheduling and details.

2. Pirate’s Cove Waterpark, Lorton

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (2)Source: novaparks

Get ready to walk the plank and experience all the thrills and spills and that make summer awesome at Pirate’s Cove. Two thrilling slides are sure to raise your heartrate. There’s great interactive kiddie areas including a five hundred gallon dumping water bucket.

Buccaneer Beach, a huge sand area, lets kids of all ages get their sand castle on. Pirate’s Cove also offers Dog Days so you can bring your other best friend out to the park. Check the website for scheduling and details.

3. Water Country USA, Williamsburg

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (3)Source: tripmunx

Water Country has hundreds of ways to cool down and make memories. Exciting slides, heart pounding rides, unique kiddie areas, and pristine pools will keep you coming back for more. Raft down the Aquazoid or the Big Daddy Falls, thrilling rides for the whole family.

Don’t miss the park’s newest ride, the Colossal Curl featuring a giant funnel and twisting, turning enclosed tubes. Fly down the Jet Scream which features four flumes all over four hundred feet long.

A whole host of other thrilling rides await.

Take a dip in the fast currents of the Hubba Hubba Highway River. Children will love the Cow-A-Bunga play area, complete with slides, interactive activities, shallow forty-five hundred square foot pool, and yes, even a cool cow with shades. The H20 UFO play structure also makes for hours of fun or check out the Kritter Korral.

Escape to Rock ‘n’ Roll Island which come complete with water crossings, an eleven thousand square foot pool, and a seven hundred foot lazy river with tubes.

On top of everything, the park also offers and dining and shopping options.

4. Water Mine Family Swimmin’ Hole, Reston

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (4)Source: fairfaxcounty

Experience the excitement of the Old West’s Gold Rush at this acre huge waterpark.

From exciting slides and flumes to the interactive water playground, people of all ages will enjoy cooling off and making a splash.

Kids will enjoy the covered wagons, wild animals and water filled ore carts at the kiddie area.

The huge activity pool is surrounded by the Rattlesnake River, a seven hundred and twenty-five foot lazy river.

You can’t miss Pete’s Peak, a huge mountain with boarded over mine shafts and tunnels.

Wild rides and slides just from the side of the mountain.

The mountain and slides are historically named after Pete the Prospector who struck a claim in that location in 1849 but found only water.

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5. Ocean Dunes Waterpark, Arlington

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (5)Source: novaparks

This beach themed waterpark has all the fun of the beach but with a ton of activities and two awesome slides throw in.

The park has two large waterslides that are sure to get the adrenaline flowing.

Fly down the two hundred and thirty foot open slide or go for a ride in total darkness on the one hundred and seventy foot enclosed slide.

There’s an awesome kid’s play area featuring a five hundred gallon dumping bucket, waterslides, waterfalls, and squinters.

The pad is zero-depth for even the smallest tots.

The main swimming pool is filled with pristine cool waters ready for you to make your big splash.

When you’re ready for some dryland adventures check out the mini golf course.

6. Great Wolf Lodge, Williamsburg

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (6)Source: travelersunited

For year round fun, take the family out to Great Wolf Lodge.

The indoor waterpark extends for ever seventy-nine thousand square feet and offers a ton of exciting rides and features.

For high stakes thrills jump on a tube and head down the Howlin’ Tornado.

The six story ride spins you round and round a huge bowl before shooting you into the water below.

Whoosh down the River Canyon Run slide for a heart pounding adventure.

For tiny tots there’s a zero depth entry pool and for children of all ages there’s unique play structures.

The park also comes complete with a lazy river.

For dryland fun try the Howler’s Peaks Ropes Course, visit the Howly Wood XD Theater, go bowling, sink a put at the minigolf, or visit the arcade.

You won’t be bored at Great Wolf Lodge!

7. SplashDown Waterpark, Manassas

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (7)Source: wanderbat

Sprawling over thirteen acres, SplashDown has a little of everything designed to keep you entertained and cooled down for hours.

For spills and thrills take a ride down one of the nine slides.

Relax and soak up the sun in style while floating down the seven hundred and seventy foot lazy river.

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Swim and splash in one of the two huge pools or go on one of the two adventure walks.

The kiddie splash and play area is sure to soak and delight.

There are also five different places to eat for a ton of different variety!

8. Ocean Breeze Waterpark, Virginia Beach

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (8)Source: oceanbreezewaterpark

Cool off in style at Ocean Breeze Waterpark where wet and wild fun await.

The park features over ten thrilling slides plus smaller slides for small riders.

The Sea Serpent takes you along three hundred and fifty feet of high curves and twists and turns.

Experience high adrenaline on the Vortex which features a thirty-give foot drop and a huge bowl.

White water raft with the whole family down the Jungle Falls or experience the total darkness of the Walk the Plank slide.

Buccaneer Bay and Hook’s Lagoon were designed with kiddies in mind and feature many hours of soaking wet fun.

Tube down the Adventure River or take to the waves in Runaway Bay, the million gallon wave pool.

If all that adventure left you hungry, the park also has over five unique dining options including a the U-Do-It Slush Factory.

9. Atlantis Waterpark at Bull Run, Centreville

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (9)Source: novaparks

Atlantis offers a ton of ways to stay cool and get soaked.

Race down the twists and turns of the two adrenaline inducing water slides.

Visit the kiddie area, complete with five hundred gallon dumping bucket.

Cool down or splash around in the crystal clear waters of the large pools.

For sunbathing or just relaxing grab a chair and stretch out.

There’s lots of shady areas as well and the park also features a snack bar.

Atlantis also offers dog days, where your canine best friend can also enjoy the park.

10. Splash Valley, Roanoke

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (10)Source: roanoke

Cool down in style at Splash Valley.

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Open seasonally from Memorial Day to Labour Day, the park features two thirty-four foot high slides, one of which is an exciting bowl slide, an awesome kiddie spray ground and a swirling current river.

No outside food or drink is allowed in the park but they do have a concession with tasty treats.

Daily admission is affordable so bring the whole family and enjoy all the exciting amenities the park has to offer.

11. Our Special Harbour Spray Park, Alexandria

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (11)Source: fairfaxcounty

Take running through the sprinkler up a notch at this exciting spray park.

This fully accessible park features unique spraying attractions including a sea serpent, sunflowers, and a lighthouse.

There’s a quieter beach area with soft bubbles and interactive activities.

Don’t miss out on the dumping crab basket at the park.

There’s also a huge fully accessible tree house and Tiki Village playground nearby for hours of dryer fun.

12. Waterworks Waterpark, Woodbridge

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (12)Source: yelp

For a day of soaking wet, sun drenched affordable family fun, visit Waterworks.

One action packed enclosed speed slide, one thrilling open slide, the zero-depth entry pool and kiddie play area, an exciting crossing activity with overhead ropes, and crystal clear pools will have your family coming back again and again.

The park also hosts birthday parties, offers swimming lessons, and has pavilions for rent for group outings.

13. Volcano Island Waterpark, Sterling

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (13)Source: novaparks

Have a blast and stay cool at Volcano Island.

Bring the whole family down for a soaking wet, adrenaline packed, fun filled day.

Zip down the two waterslides, hit the waves of the giant wading pool or take the kids over to the water play structure complete with a huge dumping bucket.

There’s also a splash pad for tots.

If soaking up the rays or relaxing is more your idea of fun there are giant palm trees and tiki canopies throughout the park.

For canine lovers, don’t miss Dog Days at the park.

The website has scheduling and details on the event.

Before you call it a day, check out the mini golf course at the park or have a bite to eat at the Paradise Café.

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14. Massanutten WaterPark, McGaheysville

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (14)Source: massresort

Featuring both an indoor and outdoor waterpark, Massanutten is sure to have fun for everyone.

The outdoor park is open from Memorial Day through Labour Day weekend.

Grab a mat and zoom down the Rockingham Racer or cool down in the White Caps wave pool.

There’s also an activity pool complete with water basketball.

For more exciting thrills, be sure to visit the indoor waterpark as well.

Always heated to a balmy eighty-four degrees, the park features amazing tube and body slides, beautiful pools, a lay river, hot tub, and fantastic kiddie play structure.

You can even learn how to surf on the FlowRider Endless Wave.

The Massunutten Meltdown for the kids is a massive, fantastic play structure not to be missed.

The Frog Pond is sure to delight the smallest water park goers.

There’s great shopping and dining options as well as a fun arcade to round out your day.

15. Cobblestones, Glen Allen

15 Best Water Parks in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist (15)Source: richmondmom

Enjoy a day out filled with big splashes.

Cobblestones features the Splash Zone where the park’s massive water slides are located.

There’s great kiddie areas filled with all sorts of activities and even floats.

The large pools at the park contain over a million gallons of cold, clear water.

Waterfalls are placed throughout the pools for a splashing good time.

The park also features a unique private beach with tons of sand and umbrellas so you can soak up the sun or relax in the shade.

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What is the largest waterpark in Virginia? ›

Virginia's largest family waterpark, Water Country USA features plunging water slides, twisting flumes, a free-floating river, surf-boggans, waterfalls, caves, water curtains, lagoons and a huge Surfer's Bay with real surfing waves.

What are the two major theme parks in Virginia? ›

Some of the best Virginia amusement parks include Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and Water Country USA. Kings Dominion is a large amusement park that has something for everyone. It has thrill rides, family rides, and children's rides. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a theme park with a European flair.

What is the biggest waterpark in the Dells? ›

Biggest Water Park in Wisconsin Dells | Noah's Ark WaterPark.

What is the big amusement park in Virginia? ›

Unforgettable adventures await at Kings Dominion, home to some of the best things to do around Richmond, Virginia. With more than 60 rides, shows, attractions, a kids area, and a waterpark, Kings Dominion has AMAZING fun for everyone.

Where is the biggest indoor water park? ›

Tropical Islands Resort (710,000 sq ft)[SEE MAP]

Located in Krausnick, Germany, the Tropical Islands Resort is the largest indoor water park in the world.

Is there Six Flags in Virginia? ›

Six Flags Virginia is a defunct amusement park located in Richmond, Virginia. It was owned and operated by Six Flags at the time of it's closure.


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